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 Dec. 2017  



Jun. 2018


Lydia Moscato is our new representative  from Qualified Property Management.  If you have any questions or concerns, please either call Lydia at  Qualified's office at #727-869-9700 or send Lydia an email at:  lydia@qualifiedproperty.com

                                 Post Disaster Re-entry Permits 

New "Post Disaster Resident Re-Entry Permit".  The town has new permits that will be needed for any resident to get back to their residence in case we have a disaster in our area.  They had these permits before but you will need to get one of the new permits for you to re-enter after a disaster.  You need to go to the Indian Shore Police station with an ID and proof of property ownership to receive one of these permits.  You do not need to be a Florida resident, only a property owner to obtain one of these permits.




Beach Cottage Board




    The Board has negotiated a deal with Bright House to replace the existing cable coming into each unit.  There have been complaints about the reception we are getting.  Bright House wanted to charge for this, but finally agreed to do it at NO charge.  This no charge deal is a one time only thing.  Bright House will start on Jan. 6, 2015 in building I at units 1101, 1201, 1301, 1401 and so on.  Bright House will determine after the first day how many units they can get done in each day.  Bright House will also run new cable to the second bedroom which didn't have cable before.  Bright House will also be providing a security person to be in each unit while the worker is in that unit.  Keith or Larry Charlton will be overseeing the project.  Make sure that we have a key for your unit if you  have changed your lock lately.  If we can not access your unit, the owner will have to pay for this sercice if they have to return and do it.  After the first day, Keith or Larry will let the renter or owner know when they will be in the unit and how long it takes.  If you have any questions concerning this, contact Bob at  Bobparker27@gmail.com  This has been completed and we have a new package with Spectrum which includes a router for internet, more channels and a digital box for HD channels.  You just need to go to spectrum and pick up your equipment.  Will save you some money on your service.










  Sept. 2014 

This summer the following projects have been finished. 

The Geothermal system that heats the pool and hot tub, is up and running and working well.   The salt water system for the pool is also up and running and seems to be working well plus saving us money on all the chemicals.  

New umbrellas and chairs have been purchased for the deck.  Please see the picture below.  We have also purchased new trash containers for the pool deck.  

Keith and Rob have been busy painting various things around the complex.  The walkway that leads from the deck to building II has been painted (see picture below) , it looks so much better than the plain aluminum look.


The recycling has been working great.  Even during the summer with all the renters, the recycling containers were always being used.




May 27, 2014

Beach Cottage Residents

On May 23, 2014,  a well company  started their drilling process for the first stages of installing our new Geothermal Pool Heating System at Beach Cottages.  The entire installation should take approximately 3-4 weeks to complete.  We will not interrupt the 4th of July holiday weekend, so we elected working in stages to keep disruption to a minimum.  As of today the two wells are almost complete.  We have 5 weeks to install the balance of the system.

For those of you not familiar with the system, here is a brief explanation.  Two wells are drilled down to the Florida Aquifer (in our case approximately 360').  We then create a closed loop system totally separate from the pool water.  We then pump this well water thru a coiled titanium heat exchanger, under pressure from a 3" pipe to a 1" pipe, creating friction.  This creates heat, surrounding our closed loop pool water, maintaining heat 24/7 -- 365 days a year.  The two waters do not mix.  Simple and inexpensive.   We totally eliminate the pool gas heating system.  The cost of the installation  is offset by the savings we gain by eliminating the pool gas heaters.  The payback should take approximately 3 years.  THERE WILL BE NO ASSESSMENT. 

We will continue to maintain our gas grills with no interruption. 

I trust this is clear as presented. 

Ben Epifanio  LCAM

Ex Property Manager 






A new maintenance man has been hired and started work on March 17, 2014.    The new maintenance man taking care of our property is Keith Swisher.  We welcome him to our condo complex and hope that you take time to become acquainted with him on your next visit.



 February 2014 
Recycling bins are now on property.  There are three bins for recycling items, a list of all recycled articles are on each bin.  These items do not need to be sorted.  Please use these bins and encourage your renters to use them also.
September 2013        
New entry doors have been installed.  These new doors include the main doors to the lobby in building I, both entry doors to the lobby in building II and the entry door in the garage to the steps leading up to the pool deck.